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MAHLON (ma'lŏn, Heb. mahlôn, sick). Son of Elimelech. He married Ruth in Moab, leaving her a widow about ten years later (Ruth.1.2, Ruth.1.5; Ruth.4.9-Ruth.4.10).

MAHLON mä’ lən (מַחְלֹ֤ון). Ruth’s first husband; he was the son of Elimelech and Naomi (Ruth 1:2; 4:10). She subsequently married Boaz.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Ruth’s first husband (Ru 12,5; 4:9,10). In the latter passage is further evidence of the unwillingness to allow a family connection or inheritance to drop (see Mahlah; Mahli). Note that David’s descent and that of his "Greater Son" come through Ru and Boaz (Ru 4:22).