MAHLI (mah'lī, Heb. mahlî, sick)

Son of Merari, son of Levi, ancestor of the Mahlites (Exod.6.19; Num.3.20; Ezra.8.18).Son of Mushi (1Chr.6.47; 1Chr.23.23; 1Chr.24.30).

MAHLI, MAHLITES mä’ lī, mä’ lītes (מַחְלִ֣י, LXX Μοολει, Μοολ(λ, G3274) ι, Μοολλει, meaning uncertain; perhaps has some relationship with the root which means grace or beauty). A masculine name in the tribe of Levi.

2. The son of Mushi, the grandson of Merari also bore the name Mahli (1 Chron 6:47; 23:23; 24:30).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(machli, "a sick or weak one"’):

(1) A son of Merari (Ex 6:19, the King James Version Mahali; Nu 3:20), grandson of Levi and founder of the Levitical family of MAHLITES (which see).

(2) A son of Mushi, Mahli’s brother, bears the same name (1Ch 6:47; 23:23; 24:30). Compare Ezr 8:18 and 1 Esdras 8:47.