MAHAZIOTH (ma-hā'zĭ-ŏth, Heb. mahăzî’ôth, visions). A son of Heman who praised God in the temple in song and with instruments (1Chr.25.4). He was given the twenty-third lot to serve in music (1Chr.25.30).

MAHAZIOTH mə hā’ zĭ ŏth (מַחֲזִיאֹֽות). One of the fourteen sons of Heman the Kohathite. He was the leader of the twenty-third course of musicians (1 Chron 25:4, 30).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ma-ha’-iz-oth, ma-ha’-zi-oth (machazi’oth "visions"): One of the 14 sons of Heman the Kohathite in the temple choir. "He was leader of the 23rd course of musicians whose function was to blow the horns" (1Ch 25:4,30).