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MAGDALA măg’ də lə (Gr. Μαγδαλά, G3401). The probable derivation of this place name in Galilee is the Heb. migdal, a tower. It is mentioned in Matthew 15:39, where RSV renders, perhaps more correctly, Magadan. It may have been Dalmanutha (Mark 8:10mg.). It stood on the W shore of the lake, and was the hometown of Mary Magdalene. It was also possibly the town of Tarichea or Taricheae, named from the small fish caught (and still caught) in the lake, and used as relishes and savories. The site of Tarichea, unless this identification is correct, has been lost (Jos. War II. xxi. 8; III. ix. 7, x. 1; G. A. Smith, Historical Geography of the Holy Land, pp. 452, 456). The modern Mejdel preserves both name and locality. It stands at a strategic road junction, and so perhaps justifies the root of the name, migdal, a tower or fortification, some strong point, perhaps, on a vital crossroad. The Talmud also justifies this identification with Mejdel. Medieval travelers also added their confirmatory evidence, and no less an archeologist than W. F. Albright regards the case as proven.

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