MAGADAN măg’ ə dăn (Μαγαδάν, G3400). A locality on the W shore of the [[Sea of Galilee]] to which Jesus came after feeding the 4,000. The name appears only in Matthew 15:39 (some MSS read “Magdala” followed by KJV), the parallel passage, Mark 8:10, reading “Dalmanutha.” Magadan and Dalmanutha may have been contiguous; Magadan was identical with, or at least included in, Magdala, the home of [[Mary Magdalene]]. Khirbet Mejdel, three m. NW of Tiberias is believed to stand on the site of Magdala today.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The identification with Magdala is made more probable by the frequent interchange of "l" for "n", e.g. Nathan (Hebrew), Nethel (Aramaic).

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