MAAREH-GEBA mā’ ə re gē’ bă (מַֽעֲרֵה־גָֽבַע). A place where the men of Israel lay in ambush and from which they rushed forth to attack the Benjamites for an abhorrent moral deed they had committed (Judg 20:33). The KJV has “the meadows of Gibeah”; ASVmg., “the meadow of Geba” (or Gibeah); RSV, “west of Geba”; ASV has “Maareh-geba.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ma’-a-re-ge’-ba, -ga’-ba (ma`areh gebha`; Septuagint: Codex Vaticanus Maraagabe; Codex Alexandrinus dusmon tes Gabaa): The place where the men of Israel lay in ambush, from which they broke forth upon the children of Benjamin (Jud 20:33). the [[King James Version]] renders "the meadows of Gibeah," the [[Revised Version]] margin "the meadow of Geba (or Gibeah)." The Septuagint’s Codex Alexandrinus affords a clue to the correct reading. It to read place-name. The text must be emended to read mima`arabh legebha`, "to the West of Geba." Peshitta suggests a reading mime-`arath gebha`, "from the cave of Geba." This, however, there is nothing to warrant.