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Lotus Trees

LOTUS TREES (צֶאֱלִים, H7365). If Goodspeed and Moffatt are right, then the words “shady trees” in Job 40:21, 22 are lotus trees or lotus bushes. In this case, the plant is undoubtedly Zizyphus lotus—a deciduous small tree, bearing ellipticoblong 3-veined leaves and tiny flowers, followed by yellow, roundish fruits. It is well known in Pal. The tree gives good shade, but other than this there seems little reason for tr. צֶאֱלִים, H7365, as “lotus tree.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The trees under which behemoth (the "hippopotams") rests; "He lieth under the lotus-trees," "The lotus-trees cover him with their shade" (Job 40:21,22). The Arabic equivalent is the dom tree, Zizyphus lotus, a species of jujube tree (Natural Order Rhamneae); it has many spines and small globular fruit a little bigger than a pea. It is common in the Jordan valley. This plant has nothing to do with the Egyptian lotus.

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