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LOIS (lō'ĭs, Gr. Lōis). The maternal grandmother of Timothy. Commended by Paul for her faith (2Tim.1.5), she apparently was associated with Eunice in the religious training of Timothy.

LOIS lō’ ĭs (Λωίς). The grandmother of Timothy, and prob. the mother of Timothy’s mother, Eunice (2 Tim 1:5). The family lived at Lystra (Acts 16:1). She prob. was converted to Christianity during Paul’s first missionary journey (Acts 14). She was a devout Jewess. Paul speaks of the unpretending faith of Timothy, and adds that this faith first dwelt in his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(Lois (2Ti 1:5)): The grandmother of Timothy, and evidently the mother of Eunice, Timothy’s mother. The family lived at Lystra (Ac 16:1). It was on the occasion of Paul’s first missionary journey (Ac 14) that Eunice and Timothy were converted to Christ, and it was, in all likelihood, on the same occasion that Lois also became a Christian. Paul speaks of the unfeigned faith that there was in Timothy, and he adds that this faith dwelt at the first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice. This is the only passage where Lois is mentioned; but by comparing 2Ti 1:5 with 2Ti 3:15 (the King James Version), where Paul refers to Timothy’s having "from a child known the holy scriptures," it would appear that Lois was associated with Eunice, both in a reverent faith in God and in the careful instruction in the Old Testament which was given to Timothy.

See Eunice; Timothy.

John Rutherfurd