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LINE. There are half a dozen Heb. words and one Gr. word tr. “line” in the Eng. Bible. 1. The word most frequently used is קָו, H7742, a “measuring line,” esp. such as builders use (2 Kings 21:13; Jer 31:39; Ezek 47:3; Zech 1:16). It also is used fig. as a rule of life (Isa 28:10).

2. חֶ֫בֶל, H2475, a cord or rope, esp. for measuring and dividing land (Ps 16:6; 78:55 KJV; Amos 7:17; Zech 2:1).

3. תִּקְוָה, H9535, is used of the scarlet thread that Rahab bound in the window (Josh 2:18, 21 KJV).

4. חוּט, H2562, is used only in 1 Kings 7:15, and means a “sewing-thread.”

5. פָּתִיל, H7348, a “string” or “cord,” is found only in Ezekiel 40:3.

6. שֶׂ֫רֶד, H8574, tr. “line” in the KJV, is rendered “pencil” in the ASV and RSV of Isaiah 44:13.

7. Κανών, a measuring rod, is rendered “line” in the KJV of 2 Corinthians 10:16, but “province” in the ASV, and “field” in the RSV. Paul no doubt had in mind a portion of territory marked out by God.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)