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Leo Jud

1482-1542. Reformer in Switzerland. Born at Gemar, Alsace, after studies at Basle and Freiburg-im-Breisgau (1499-1512) he became pastor at St. Hippolyte, Alsace (1512-19), and then at Einsiedeln, Switzerland (1519-22), where he succeeded Zwingli.* One of the earliest followers of Zwingli, he was a staunch supporter of the Zwinglian Reformation. In 1523 he became pastor of St. Peter's, Zurich; on 1 September he preached against images and set off a wave of iconoclasm. He played a part in the suppression of convents. He helped Zwingli in his conflict with the Anabaptists, although at one time he had been “quite taken by some of Schwenkfeld's ideas on tolerance and some of the democratic principles of the Anabaptists” (G.H. Williams). He introduced a baptismal liturgy in 1523, which was in German, though it retained several Catholic features. He translated into German works of Augustine, Thomas à Kempis, and Erasmus; made a Latin translation of the Hebrew OT; and was author of the Swiss- German version of the Prophets (1525) which was incorporated in the complete Zurich Bible of 1529, preceding Luther's version by five years. His Protestant catechism (1538) was long in use.