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LEBONAH (lĕ-bō'na, Heb. levônâh, frankincense). A town, mentioned only in Judg.21.19, north of Bethel on the highway between Shiloh and Shechem. It is now generally identified as the modern Lubban.

LEBONAH lĭ bō’ nə (לְבוֹנָֽה). A place on the road between Shiloh and Shechem (Judg 21:19). It is prob. modern Lubban, c. three m. NW of Shiloh.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place on the great north road between Shiloh and Shechem (Jud 21:19). It is represented by the modern Khan el-Lubban, about 3 miles West-Northwest of Seilun ("Shiloh"), on the way to Nablus. It is a wretched village lying on the slope of a hill, with many rock tombs in the vicinity.