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LAPPIDOTH (lăp'ĭ-dŏth, Heb. lappîdhôth, torches or lightning flashes). The husband of Deborah the prophetess (Judg.4.4).

LAPPIDOTH lăp’ ə dŏth (לַפִּידֹ֑ות). The husband of Deborah the prophetess (Judg 4:4; KJV LAPIDOTH). She prob. lived in the vicinity of Ramah and Bethel.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

lap’-i-doth, -doth (lappidhoth, "flames," "torches"; the King James Version, Lapidoth): Deborah’s husband (Jud 4:4). The Hebrew name is a feminine plural like Jeremoth (1Ch 7:8), Naboth (1Ki 21:1). The plural is probably intensive. Jewish interpreters have identified Lappidoth ("flames") with Barak ("lightning"). Some have taken the words rendered "wife of Lappidoth" (’esheth lappidhoth) as a description of Deborah, and have translated them, "woman of lights," i.e. maker of wicks for the sanctuary; or "woman of flames," referring to her prophetic zeal. These explanations are more interesting than probable.

John A. Lees