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Kirsopp Lake

1872-1946. British biblical scholar. Lake was educated at Lincoln College, Oxford. Following two brief curacies in England, he held professorships at the universities of Leyden (1904-14) and Harvard (1914-37, various subjects). He was controversial in both his academic and theological views. His book Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ (1907) was an attempt to cast doubt on the story of the empty tomb. Probably his best book was The Earlier Epistles of St. Paul (1913), in which he emphasized the influence of Hellenistic religion on early Christianity. Also of great value was the epochal, multivolumed work which he edited with F.J. Foakes Jackson, The Beginnings of Christianity: Part I. the Acts of the Apostles (1920-33), which is still a standard reference tool for all students of the NT. It should be noted that Lake's views regarding the historical value of Acts were much more skeptical than the majority of the other contributors. He also published extensively in the area of Greek paleography and textual criticism.