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KIRIATH-HUZOTH kĭr’ ĭ ăth hu’zŏth (קִרְיַ֥ת חֻצֹֽות; LXX πόλεις ἐπαύλεων, Heb. city of streets; Gr. city of courtyards). KJV KIRJATH-HUZOTH, kir’ jeth hōō’ zŏth. A Moabite city.

Numbers 22:39 relates that Balak and Balaam went to Kiriath-huzoth. Its location is uncertain, but it is prob. near the “City of Moab,” Bamoth-baal, and the Arnon River.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

hu’-zoth: qiryath-chutsoth, "city of streets"; Septuagint reads) poleis epauleon, "city of villages," from which we may infer a reading chatseroth, for chutsoth; the King James Version, Kirjathhuzoth): A place to which, after their meeting, Balak and Balaam went together (Nu 22:39). They met at "the City of Moab" (Nu 22:36), which is probably identical with KIR OF MOAB (which see); Kiriath-huzoth was probably therefore not far from that city. Some would identify it with Kiriathaim; some with Kerioth; as yet there is no certainty.