KINNERETH (kĭn'ē-rěth)

A fortified city on the NW shore of the [[Sea of Galilee]] (Josh.19.35); modern Tel Oreimeh, meaning Harp Hill. Kinnereth means “harp,” and the hill on which it stood is harp-shaped.A district in Galilee: “All Kinnereth in addition to Naphtali” (1Kgs.15.20).The sea later known as Gennesaret or Galilee (Num.34.11; Deut.3.17; Josh.11.2; Josh.12.3; Josh.13.27). The sea also is harp-shaped.

CHINNERETH, CHINNEROTH kĭn’ ə rĕth, rŏth (כִּנֶּ֖רֶת, כִּֽנֲרֹ֖ות, B has Κεναρέθ, A has Χενερόθ. Cheneroth, meaning “harps.”) An old name for (1) the [[Sea of Galilee]], (2) an area near it, and (3) a city in that area.

In Joshua 19:35 Chinnereth appears among the fortified cities of Naphtali. A hill bearing the modern name of Tel ’Oreimeh (“mound of the harp”) stands on the NW side of the Sea of Galilee where it commands the nearby fertile plain. Archeological evidences show it to have been occupied at the time of Joshua.

Chinneroth (1 Kings 15:20) is an area near Naphtali or is part of it.


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