KILION (kĭl'ĭ-ŏn). One of the two sons of Elimelech and Naomi, who married Orpah in Moab and died there (Ruth.1.2-Ruth.1.5; Ruth.4.9-Ruth.4.10).

CHILION kĭl’ ĭ ən (כִּלְיוֹן, failing, pining). Son of Elimelech and Naomi, husband of Orpah (Ruth 1:2; 4:9), who died while the family sojourned in Moab.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the two sons of Elimelech and Naomi, "Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehem-judah" (Ru 1:2). With his mother and brother he came into Moab and there both married Moabite women, Orpah being the name of Chilion’s wife and Ru that of the wife of Mahlon (Ru 4:9,10). Both died early and Orpah remained in Moab while Ru accompanied Naomi back to Bethlehem. When Boaz married Ru he "bought all that was Elimelech’s, and all that was Chilion’s, and Mahlon’s, of the hand of Naomi" (Ru 4:9).