KIDON (kĭ'dŏn). The threshing floor where Uzzah died for touching the ark (1Chr.13.9). It is called Nacon’s in 2Sam.6.6. It was near Jerusalem, but its exact site is unknown.

CHIDON kī’ dən, the threshing floor of (גֹּ֣רֶן כִּידֹ֑ן, threshing floor of a dart, javelin). At this place Uzzah died because he touched the Ark while it was being transported toward Jerusalem (1 Chron 13:9). The name is given as NACHON (KJV), NACON (ASV, RSV) in 2 Samuel 6:6. LXX MSS have various readings; the identification of its location must have been difficult.