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KIBROTH-HATAAVAH kĭb rŏth hə tā’ ə və (קִבְרֹ֣ות הַֽתַּאֲוָ֑ה, the graves of desire). One of the stops of Israel in the wilderness (Num 11:34). It is near Sinai but the exact location is uncertain.

Here the people murmured against Moses and the Lord. They lusted after the foods of Egypt which they had left behind. In response, God sent quail into the camp in such numbers that the people became satiated. As they ate, God smote the people with a severe plague (11:33).

Because large numbers of Israelites died and were buried there the place was called Kibroth-hataavah (“the graves of desire” or “lusting”).

From this place they journeyed on to Hazeroth, the next stop (11:35).

Later, Moses reminded the people that here they had provoked God to wrath (Deut 9:22).