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Kgama III

African Christian chief. Baptized in 1862 by H.C. Schulenbourg of the Hermansburg Mission, he soon proved himself an uncompromising Christian. Confirmed in 1875 as chief of the Ngwato, he tried to apply Christian standards of government despite strong opposition. He opposed many tribal customs, banned the liquor trade, dispensed evenhanded justice, and refused to alienate tribal lands to white men. Although jealous of his position and somewhat intolerant, he treated his opponents (particularly his father and brother) with astounding patience and magnanimity. He consistently supported the London Mission Society which replaced the Hermansburg Mission, but sometimes had strained relations with individual missionaries. He accepted a British Protectorate in 1885 and visited England in 1895 in a successful attempt to avoid control by the Chartered Company. His grandson, Seretse Khama, became first president of Botswana.