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KETTLE (Heb. dûdh, a cooking vessel). Mentioned with pan, pot, and caldron, and elsewhere translated by all these terms. Also a basket for carrying clay or bricks (1Sam.2.14).

KETTLE (דּ֗וּד). In 1 Samuel 2:14 kettle refers to a vessel in which a sacrifice might be boiled; in Micah 3:3 (KJV, ASV POT) it refers to a vessel in which meat was cooked. The same Heb. word in 2 Chronicles 35:13 is tr. “caldrons,” and in Job 41:20, “pot.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ket’-’l: In English Versions of the Bible only in 1Sa 2:14 for dudh, "a vessel for cooking." The same word in 2Ch 35:13 is rendered "caldrons," and in Job 41:20 (Hebrew 12), "pot." Ps 81:6 (Hebrew 7) (the King James Version "pots") belongs rather to another signification of the word (the Revised Version (British and American) "basket," for carrying clay or bricks).