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KERIOTH-HEZRON kĕr’ ĭ ŏth hĕz’ rən (קְרִיֹּ֔ות חֶצְרֹ֖ון). A town in the Negeb district of Judah (Josh 15:25; KJV KERIOTH AND HEZRON). It usually is identified with Khirbet el-Qaryatein, four and one-half m. S of Maon. It is identical with Hazor (Josh 15:25).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the cities in the "south" of Judah. Robinson (BR, II, 101) identifies it with the ruined site of Kuryatain, 4 1/2 miles North of Tell `Arad. It has been suggested that Kerioth was the birth place of JUDAS ISCARIOT (which see). Compare KERIOTH, 2.