KEREN-HAPPUCH (kĕr'ĕn-hăp'ŭk, horn of antimony, i.e., beautifier). The youngest daughter of Job, born to him after his release from the torments of Satan (Job.42.14-Job.42.15).

KEREN-HAPPUCH kĕr’ ən hăp’ ək (קֶ֥רֶן הַפּֽוּכְ, horn of antimony, eye shadow). The youngest of Job’s daughters born to him after his restoration from affliction (Job 42:14).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ker’-en-hap’-uk, ke’-ren-hap’-uk (qeren happukh, "horn of antimony," i.e. beautifier; Septuagint Amaltheias keras): The 3rd daughter of Job (Job 42:14), born after his restoration from affliction. Antimony, producing a brilliant black, was used among the Orientals for coloring the edges of the eyelids, making the eyes large and lustrousú Hence, the suggestiveness of this name of an article of the ladies’ toilet, a little horn or receptacle for the eye-paint.