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KELUB (ke'lŭb, Heb. kelûv, another form of Caleb)

A brother of Shuhah, a Judahite (1Chr.4.11).Father of Ezri, and superintendent of the field workers who farmed the land in David’s time (1Chr.27.26).

CHELUB ke’ lub (כְּל֥וּב, meaning uncertain, perhaps basket, cage, LXX Χαλέβ [1 Chron 4:11], Χολούβ, Χελούβ [1 Chron 27:26]). 1. Brother of Shuhah, whose lineage is not traced, and father of Mehir (1 Chron 4:11). He is included in the registry of Judah. The name is possibly a variation of Caleb (cf. LXX and other ancient VSS).

2. Father of Ezri, one of David’s officials who was over the tillers of the soil (1 Chron 27:26).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) kelubh, father of Mehir (1Ch 4:11); the name is probably a variation of Caleb. Wellhausen (De gentibus et familiis Judaeis) reads kalebh ben chezron.

(2) Father of Ezri (1Ch 27:26), one of the officers of David.

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