KEDEMOTH (kĕd'ē-mŏth, Heb. qedhēmôth, eastern parts). A place east of the Jordan from which Moses sent a message to Sihon king of Heshbon asking for safe passage through his land (Deut.2.26). It was given to the tribe of Reuben (Josh.13.18) but was later set apart, with its suburbs, for Merarite Levites (Josh.21.37).

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KEDEMOTH kĕd’ ə mŏth (קְדֵמֹ֔ות). A city, prob. on the upper course of the Arnon River, from which Moses sent messengers to Sihon, king of the Amorites, requesting a passage through his country (Deut 2:26; Josh 13:18). It was assigned to the tribe of Reuben and became a Merarite Levitical city (Josh 21:37; 1 Chron 6:79). It may be modern Qasr ez-Za’feran.

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