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KATTATH (kăt'ăth, Heb. kattah). A town in Galilee given to Zebulun (Josh.19.15). Perhaps the same as Kitron in Judg.1.30.

KATTATH kăt’ ăth (קַטָּ֤ת). A town in Zebulun (Josh 19:15); perhaps to be identified with Kitron in Judges 1:30. It is possibly modern Khirbet Quteineh.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city in the territory of Zebulun, named with Iphtah-el, Nahalel, and Shimron (Jos 19:15), perhaps to be identified with Kitron (Jud 1:30), from which Zebulun did not expel the Canaanites; and with Kartah (Jos 21:34), which was given to the Merarite Levites. The Babylonian Talmud (Meg. 6a) identifies Kattath with Sepphoris, the modern Seffuriyeh (but see Neubauer, Geographie du Talmud, 191). The Jerusalem Talmud takes it as identical with Ketunith, Kuteineh, to the West of Esdraelon. It should probably, however, be sought near to Shimron, the modern Semuniyeh.