KARKOR (kar'kôr, Heb. qarqōr). A place in the territory of the Ammonites where [[Zebah and Zalmunna]] were resting with the remains of the great army of the Midianites, and where Gideon overtook them and destroyed them (Judg.8.10). Its exact location is unknown.

KARKOR kar’ kôr (קַּרְקֹ֗ר). A place, apparently in Gilead, where Gideon defeated the Midianites under Zeba and Zalmunna (Judg 8:10, 11). The site is unknown.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

An unidentified place where Gideon surprised and overwhelmed the remnants of the army of Zeba and Zalmunnah (Jud 8:10 ). It probably corresponds to Qarkar mentioned by Shalmaneser II, S. of Hamath (KB, I, 173).