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KAREAH (ka-rē'a, Heb. qārēah, bald). Father of Jonathan and Johanan, who warned Gedaliah, the Babylonian-appointed governor of Judah, of his danger (2Kgs.25.23, where kjv has Careah; Jer.40.8-Jer.43.5).

CHAREA. KJV Apoc. form of Harsha.

KAREAH kə re’ ə (֠קָרֵחַ, bald head). The father of Johanan and Jonathan. After the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians they joined Gedaliah at Mizpah (2 Kings 25:23; KJV; CAREAH; Jer 40:8).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Head of a family of temple-servants (1 Esdras 5:32); called "Harsha" in Ezr 2:52; Ne 7:54.

The father of Johanan and Jonathan, who after the fall of Jerusalem joined Gedaliah at Mizpah (2Ki 25:23; Jer 40:8).