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JUNIAS, JUNIA (jū'nĭ-ăs, jū'nĭ-a). A kinsman and fellow prisoner of Paul (Rom.16.7). He had become a Christian before Paul’s conversion.

JUNIAS jōō’ nĭ əs (̓Ιουνια̂ς, G2687; masc., from Junianus). JUNIA KJV, jōō’ ni e (̓Ιουνία, G2686; common fem. name, KJV). An early Jewish believer to whom, with Andronicus, Paul sent greetings (Rom 16:7). Whether the name here is masc. or fem. is uncertain. In either case it is Lat., doubtless a second name for this Jewish person. If it is masc., Andronicus and Junias were brothers; if fem., husband and wife, possibly brother and sister. From their identification it is more probable that the name is masc. See Andronicus.