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Julius Pflug

1499-1564. Bishop of Naumburg. Born at Cytra, he attended the universities of Leipzig and Bologna and pursued humanistic studies also at Padua. He was in the service of Duke George of Saxony at the Diet of Augsburg (1530), hopeful that Erasmus* and Melanchthon* could find a peaceful solution to the religious split caused by the Lutheran movement. Duke George conferred various benefices on him. Even after death of the duke he continued his efforts at healing the rift. Giving the chalice in the Eucharist to the laity and allowing priests to marry would, in his opinion, bring about a return to Rome. His election as bishop of Naumburg was nullified by Elector John Frederick* for a period of eight years. Pflug attended the Diet of Ratisbon in 1541, where he made suggestions for concessions to Cardinal Contarini.* In 1548 he counseled Charles V* regarding the Interims and participated in the negotiations with the Lutherans. He attended the Council of Trent* in 1551. His Oratio de Ordiando republica Germaniae (1562) is a plea for religious unity, the furtherance of political peace, and the strengthening of imperial power.