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Juan Maldonaldo

1534-1583. Spanish exegete. Otherwise known as Johannes Maldonatus, he was born at Casar de la Rema, Estremadura, and after studies at Salamanca (1547-58) and Rome (1558-62) he became a Jesuit and was ordained. He taught philosophy at Rome (1563) and Paris (1564-65) and became theology professor at the Collège de Clermont (1565- 74). At first his lectures were traditional, but in 1570 he initiated his own theological course. The Sorbonne accused him of heresy (1574). He was vindicated by the bishop (1576), but withdrew to Bourges where he wrote commentaries on the gospels (1596) which became famous. In 1581 Gregory XIII called him to Rome to work on a critical edition of the Septuagint.