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JOSHEB-BASSHEBETH (jō’shĕb-bă’shē-bĕth, he who sits on the seat, 2Sam.23.8). Probably a corruption of Jashobeam, as in 1Chr.11.11. One of David’s mighty men.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

This proper name in the Revised Version (British and American) takes the place of the translation "that sat in the seat" in the King James Version (2Sa 23:8). The phrase so rendered is meaningless. The text has evidently suffered corruption. There can be no doubt that a proper name is intended. This, according to the parallel passage in 1Ch 11:11, should be Jashobeam. Some scholars think that this also is a corruption, and by a process of emendation arrive at "Eshbaal" as the correct name (Driver, Hebrew Text of S; SBOT, at the place).