JOSHEB-BASSHEBETH (jō’shĕb-bă’shē-bĕth, he who sits on the seat, 2Sam.23.8). Probably a corruption of Jashobeam, as in 1Chr.11.11. One of David’s mighty men.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

This proper name in the [[Revised Version]] (British and American) takes the place of the translation "that sat in the seat" in the [[King James Version]] (2Sa 23:8). The phrase so rendered is meaningless. The text has evidently suffered corruption. There can be no doubt that a proper name is intended. This, according to the parallel passage in 1Ch 11:11, should be Jashobeam. Some scholars think that this also is a corruption, and by a process of emendation arrive at "Eshbaal" as the correct name (Driver, Hebrew Text of S; SBOT, at the place).