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Joseph Leycester Lyne

1837-1908. Religious community leader. As “Father Ignatius” he revived Benedictine monasticism in the Church of England. Ordained deacon in 1860, he started communities at Claydon (1863) and Norwich (1864). In 1870 he began building a monastery at Capel-y-ffin, near Llanthony. As abbot he adapted the Benedictine Rule, although perforce remaining a deacon until irregularly ordained priest in 1898 by an Episcopus vagans, Mar-Timotheus. He was often away on missions and in fund-raising, including an extended visit to America (1890-91). During these times the life of the abbey became unsettled. Despite his ritualism, his theology was soundly evangelical after his conversion in 1866. He rejected penance and purgatory as detracting from Christ's finished work. Evangelical hymnbooks often include his hymn, “Let me come closer to Thee, Jesus.” Crowds flocked to his simple preaching of Christ as Savior. Gladstone put him among the first of contemporary orators. In Wales he was admitted to the gorsedd of the bards.