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Joseph Justus Scaliger

1540-1609. Huguenot* scholar. Of Italian descent, he was born in Agen in S France, son of a renowned humanist, J.C. Scaliger, of whom he was companion and student in Latin from age fourteen. On his father's death in 1558 he went to Paris where he taught himself Greek before he could pursue the lectures of Adrianus Turnebus. In 1563 Scaliger, by then a Huguenot, was introduced to the nobleman Louis Chasteigner, with whose family he traveled and lived from time to time over the next thirty years while he pursued private research under their patronage. He escaped the St. Bartholomew's Day* Massacre by retreating to Geneva (1572-74), where he lectured until his return to France. His interest in textual criticism was enlarged by his study of ancient astronomy, and he it was who initiated the modern science of chronology. In 1593 he went to Leyden as professor of classics and there continued his studies toward his Thesaurus Temporum (1606), which had at its base his recovery of the Chronicle of Eusebius. Among the disciples he influenced were Daniel Heinsius (1580-1655) and especially Hugo Grotius.*