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Joseph George Strossmayer

1815-1905. Roman Catholic bishop. Born of German parents in Croatia, he was ordained to the priesthood in 1838 and nine years later became professor of canon law at Vienna. In 1850 he was elevated to the bishopric of Bosnien with its seat at Diakovár. At Vatican Council I* (1869- 70) he opposed the promulgation of papal infallibility and then was the last bishop to publish the decrees of the council (December 1872). He persisted in maintaining relations with J.J.I. von Döllinger* and J.H. Reinkens* until October 1871. In spite of his German heritage, Strossmayer was an enthusiastic pan- Slavist, which brought him into conflict with Vienna. The pan- Slavic movement he advocated resulted in the formation of Yugoslavia after World War I.