John Milic (Jan, of Kromeriz)

See also [[Jan Milíč]]

jan, of Kromeriz) (d.1374. Reformer. Born in Kremsier, Moravia, he served in the chancery of Charles IV before becoming a priest, canon, and finally archdeacon in Prague. As a wealthy prelate he embraced poverty to preach the simplicity of the early church, openly attacking the laxity of laity and clergy in 1363. [[The Inquisition]] in Rome ordered his imprisonment for preaching that the Antichrist had arrived in 1367, but Urban V ordered his release and he worked with outcast women in Prague, founding a home for them in 1372. In 1373 the clergy of Prague denounced his preaching, but [[Gregory XI]] cleared him of all charges in Avignon, where he died.