Jesus (Disambiguation)

JESUS je’ zəs (̓Ιησου̂ς, G2652, Gr. form of Heb. יְהוֹשׁ֣וּעַ [Joshua], salvation of Yahweh).

  • Grandfather of Jesus son of Sirach (Prologue to Ecclesiasticus).
  • Son of Sirach; author of Eccesiasticus. See nodetitle.
  • Jesus Christ. See nodetitle.
  • Jesus Barabas. See Barabbas.
  • Jesus Justus. Co-worker with Paul (Col 4:11), named as joining in the sending of greetings to the Colossian church. “Jesus who is called Justus” is mentioned with Aristarchus and Mark as being “the only men of the circumcision among my fellow workers for the kingdom of God.” The remark indicates that during Paul’s first Rom. imprisonment, almost all of the Jewish Christians at Rome failed to cooperate with Paul in the work of the Gospel. These three Jewish co-workers had “been a comfort” to Paul. Nothing further is known of this appreciated associate of Paul.
  • KJV Apoc. alternate form of Jeshua.
  • Ancestor of Jesus Christ (Luke 3:29 ASV; RSV; KJV, “Jose”).
  • (Iesous, for yehoshua`):
  • Joshua, son of Nun (the King James Version Ac 7:45; Heb 4:8; compare 1 Macc 2:55; 2 Esdras 7:37).