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jesh’-u-a, je-shu’-a (yeshua`, "Yahweh is deliverance" or "opulence"; compare JOSHUA):

(1) the King James Version "Jeshuah," head of the 9th course of priests, and possibly of "the house of Jeshua" (1Ch 24:11; Ezr 2:36; Ne 7:39).

(2) A Levite of Hezekiah’s time (2Ch 31:15).

(4) A man of Pahath-moab, some of whose descendants returned from Babylon to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:6; Ne 7:11) = "Jesus" (1 Esdras 58).

(6) Father of Ezer, a repairer of the wall (Ne 3:19).

(7) JOSHUA, son of Nun (Ne 8:17) (which see).