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Jeshua, Jeshuah

JESHUA, JESHUAH (jĕsh'ū-a, Heb. yēshūa‘, another form of Joshua, Jehovah is salvation). 1. A name used once for Joshua, the son of Nun (Neh.8.17 kjv; niv retains “Joshua”).

2. The name of the head of the ninth of the twenty-four courses of priests (1Chr.24.11).

3. The name of a family of Pahath-Moab, who returned with Zerubbabel from Babylon to Jerusalem (Ezra.2.6; Neh.7.11).

4. A Levite in charge of the distribution of tithes in Hezekiah’s time (2Chr.31.15).

5. The high priest who returned with Zerubbabel (Ezra.2.2; Neh.7.7; called “Joshua” in Hag.1.1 and in Zech.3.1ff.). He helped to rebuild the altar (Ezra.3.2, Ezra.3.8) and the house of God (Ezra.4.3; Ezra.5.2).

6. A Levite who supervised the workmen in the temple after the Exile (Ezra.2.40; Ezra.3.9; Neh.7.43). He also assisted in explaining the law to the people (Neh.8.7), in leading in worship (Neh.9.4), and in sealing the covenant (Neh.10.9). From the last passage, it appears that Jeshua was the son of Azaniah.

7. A postexilic town in southern Judah (Neh.11.26). It is identified with Tell es-Sa'weh and may be the same as the Shema of Josh.15.26.