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JESHANAH (jĕsh'a-na or jē-shā'na, Heb. yeshānâh, old). A town near Bethel, in Ephraim, captured by Abijah from the northern kingdom (2Chr.13.19). It is probably the same as the Isanos of Josephus (Antiq. 14.15.12), and is represented by the modern Ain Sinia, 3 1/4 miles (5 km.) north of Bethel.

JESHANAH jĕsh’ ə nə (יְשָׁנָ֖ה). A town taken by Abijah from Jeroboam (2 Chron 13:19; 1 Sam 7:12; KJV, ASV SHEN). It is mentioned with Bethel and Ephron, and was prob. located on the border of Judah and Israel. It is prob. the same as Isanas, the headquarters of the Syrian general under Antigonus, where Herod the Great achieved a great military victory over the Syrian king (Jos. Antiq. XIV. xv. 12). The most likely locations that have been suggested are Burj el-Isaneh, N of Jerusalem, and Ain Sinia, a few m. N of Bethel.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

jesh’-a-na, je-sha’-na (yeshanah): A town named with Bethel and Ephron among the places taken by Abijah from Jeroboam (2Ch 13:19). Most scholars are agreed that the same name should be read instead of ha-shen, in 1Sa 7:12. It is probably identical with the Isanas, of Josephus (Ant., XIV, xv, 12). It is represented by the modern `Ain Sinia, 3 1/4 miles North of Bethel, with a spring and interesting ancient remains.