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JESHAIAH, JESAIAH (jē-shā'ya, jē-sā'ya, Heb. yesha‘yâhû, yesha‘yâh, Jehovah saves)

A son of Jeduthun, and a musician in David’s reign; he became the ancestral head of one of the courses of musicians (1Chr.25.3, 1Chr.25.15).A Levite, son of Rehabiah and ancestor of Shelomith, one of David’s treasurers (1Chr.26.25).A son of Hananiah, and grandson of Zerubbabel (1Chr.3.21).A son of Athaliah and descendant of Elam. He returned from Babylon with Ezra (Ezra.8.7).A descendant of Merari who returned with Ezra from Babylon (Ezra.8.19).A Benjamite, the father of Ithiel (Neh.11.7).

JESHAIAH jĭ shā’ yə (יְשַֽׁעְיָ֑ה, Yahweh saved). 1. Son of Hananiah; grandson of Zerubbabel (1 Chron 3:21; KJV JESAIAH).

2. A son of Jeduthun (1 Chron 25:3, 15).

3. A Levite who shared the supervision of David’s treasury (1 Chron 26:25).

4. An Elamite who went with Ezra from Babylon to Jerusalem (Ezra 8:7; 1 Esd 8:33; KJV, ASV OSAIAS).

5. A Merarite Levite who returned from Babylon with Ezra (Ezra 8:19; 1 Esd 8:48; KJV, ASV OSAIAS).

6. A Benjaminite ancestor of an Israelite who lived in Jerusalem after the Exile (Neh 11:7; KJV JESAIAH).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

je-sha’-ya, je-shi’-a

(a) yesha`yahu;

(b) yesha`yah, "deliverance of Yah"; (2) (3) below have form (a), the others form (b):

(1) Son of Hananiah, and grandson of Zerubbabel, according to 1Ch 3:21, the King James Version "Jesaiah."

But commentators follow Hebrew (and the Revised Version margin) in the first part of the verse, and Septuagint, Vulgate, Syriac in the second part, thus reading, "And the son of Hananiah (was) Pelatiah, and Jeshaiah (was) his son, and Arnan his son," etc., thus making Jeshaiah a grandson of Hananiah.

(2) A "son" of Jeduthun, and like him a temple musician; head of the family of that name (1Ch 25:3,15).

(3) A Levite, ancestor of Shelemoth, one of David’s treasurers (1Ch 26:25).

(4) A descendant of Elam; he went with Ezra from Babylon to Jerusalem (Ezr 8:7) = "Jesias" (Revised Version), "Josias" (the King James Version), 1 Esdras 8:33.

(5) A descendant of Merari and a contemporary of Ezra (Ezr 8:19) = "Osaias" of 1 Esdras 8:48.

(6) A Benjamite (Ne 11:7), the King James Version "Jesaiah."