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JEROHAM (jē-rō'hăm, Heb. jerōhām, may he be compassionate, or be pitied [by God])

JEROHAM jĭ rō’ hăm (יְרֹחָ֧ם). 1. A native of Ramathaim-zophim who was the father of Elkanah and the grandfather of Samuel (1 Sam 1:1). Described as an Ephraimite, he is nevertheless included in the Levitical genealogy (1 Chron 6:27, 34). Probably he was a nonpracticing Levite domiciled in Ephraim; there were grave anomalies in the Judges’ period that affected the Levites (cf. Judg 17:7-18:31).

2. A member of the tribe of Benjamin (1 Chron 8:27), whose sons were included in a list of the chief men dwelling at Jerusalem (8:28). He is prob. to be identified with the Jeremoth of 8:14.

3. Another Benjaminite (9:8), whose son was an early settler in Jerusalem following the Exile (9:2, 3).

4. A member of a priestly family (1 Chron 9:12; Neh 11:12), the effective service of whose son in postexilic Jerusalem is noted (1 Chron 9:13).

5. A Benjaminite living in Gedar whose two sons were among David’s warriors at Ziklag (1 Chron 12:7).

6. A Danite whose son was a tribal leader in David’s reign (1 Chron 27:22).

7. The father of Azariah, a military commander who assisted the high priest Jehoiada in the successful overthrow of the apostate queen Athaliah (2 Chron 23:1).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(yerocham, "may he be compassionate!"):

(1) An Ephraimite, the father of Elkanah, and grandfather of Samuel (1Sa 1:1; 1Ch 6:27,34 (Hebrew 12,19)): Jerahmeel is the name in Septuagint, Codex Vaticanus, in 1 Samuel and in Septuagint, L and manuscripts, in 1 Chronicles.

(2) A Benjamite (1Ch 8:27), apparently = JEREMOTH, (2) (compare 8:14), and probably the same as he of 1Ch 9:8.

(3) Ancestor of a priest in Jerusalem (1Ch 9:12 = Ne 11:12).

(4) A man of Gedor, father of two of David’s Benjamite recruits at Ziklag, though Gedor might be a town in Southern Judah (1Ch 12:7 (Hebrew 8)).

(5) Father of Azarel, David’s tribal chief over Da (1Ch 27:22).

(6) Father of Azariah, one of the captains who supported Jehoiada in overthrowing Queen Athaliah (2Ch 23:1).