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JERIOTH (jĕr'ĭ-ŏth, Heb. yerî‘ôth, tent curtains). One of Caleb’s wives (1Chr.2.18).

JERIOTH jĕr’ ĭ ŏth (יְרִיעֹ֑ות, tents). One of the wives of Caleb (1 Chron 2:18). The MT is obviously corrupt. It may be that Jerioth is another name for Azubah, or Azubah was at one time the wife of a man called Jerioth. Textual scholars have made various conjectural emendations.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

jer’-i-oth, jer’-i-oth (yeri`oth, "(tent-) curtains"): In 1Ch 2:18, where Massoretic Text is corrupt, Kittel in his commentary and in Biblical Hebrew reads "Caleb begat (children) of Azubah his wife, Jerioth." Wellhausen (De Gent. et Fam. Jud., 33) reads, "Caleb begat (children) of Azubah his wife, the daughter of Jerioth." According to English Versions of the Bible, Caleb had two wives, but the context does not bear this out. J. H. Michaelis regarded Jerioth as another name for Azubah. See Curtis, Commentary on Chronicles, 92.