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JERAHMEEL (jē-ra'mē-ĕl, Heb. yerahme’ēl, may God have compassion, or God pities)

A descendant of Judah through Perez and Hezron (1Chr.2.9, 1Chr.2.25-1Chr.2.27, 1Chr.2.33, 1Chr.2.42).A Merarite Levite, son of Kish, not Saul’s father (1Chr.24.29).One of the three officers sent by King Jehoiakim to arrest Jeremiah and Baruch (Jer.36.26). He was probably a royal prince, though not necessarily the son of a ruling prince.

2. Among the Levites, presumably at the time of the organization of worship at the sanctuary in David’s time was a Jerahmeel (1 Chron 24:29), son of Kish (no relation of the father of King Saul, a Benjamite), of the Levite sub-tribe of Merari (1 Chron 24:26, 27; cf. 23:21). Note in spite of the textual difficulties of this part of Chronicles the clarity of the Levite orientation (23:30). The importance of this Jerahmeel is simply that he was among the first to serve at a permanent central sanctuary. A central sanctuary, successor to David’s, was being fitted and staffed when Chronicles was written which explains the emphasis on Levite genealogies.

3. This man was deputized by King Jehoiakim, with two companions, to arrest Jeremiah and his assistant, Baruch. This was after the king burned Jeremiah’s scroll. The effort ended in failure for “the Lord hid them” (Jer 36:26). Whether the father of Jerahmeel was “the king” (LXX, RSV) or a certain Hammeleck, friend (36:27; cf. 38:6) of Jeremiah is a matter uncertain, for the Heb. is capable of either treatment.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

je-ra’-me-el, je-ra’-me-el-its (yerachme’el, "may God have compassion!"):

(2) A Merarite Levite, son of Kish (1Ch 24:29).

(3) "The king’s son," the Revised Version (British and American) and the King James Version margin (Jer 36:26). the Revised Version margin, the King James Version have "son of Hammelech," taking the word ha-melek as a proper name. He was "probably a royal prince, one who had a king among his ancestors but not necessarily son of the ruling king; so 38:6; 1Ki 22:26 b; especially Ze 1:8 written at a time when the reigning king, Josiah, could not have had a grown-up `son’ " (Driver, Jeremiah, 224, note e). Jerahmeel was with two others commanded by Jehoiakim to arrest Jeremiah and Baruch.