JEHOZADAK (jē-hŏz'a-dăk, Heb. yehôtsādhāk, Jehovah is righteous). The high priest of Israel through most of the Babylonian captivity (1Chr.6.14-1Chr.6.15). His father, Seraiah, was killed by the Babylonians (2Kgs.25.18-2Kgs.25.21), and Jehozadak was taken into captivity. In Haggai and Zechariah, where he is six times referred to as father of Joshua, the high priest at the first return, KJV spells his name “Josedech”; and in Ezra and Nehemiah, KJV and ASV, referring to him in the same way five times, call him “Jozadak,” a shortened form of Jehozadak.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)