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James Hope Moulton

1863-1917. Greek and Iranian scholar. Elder son of W.F. Moulton,* he entered the Methodist ministry in 1886 and in 1902 was appointed NT tutor at the Wesleyan College, Disbury, Manchester. In 1908 he became Greenwood professor of Hellenistic Greek and Indo-European philology in the University of Manchester. He gave the Hibbert Lectures for 1912 which were published as Early Zoroastrianism (1913), but he is best known for his work on the language of the NT. He was to have undertaken a NT grammar with his father, who died before anything was done. He himself managed to produce only the first volume, the Prolegomena to the Grammar of New Testament Greek (1906), but had written much of the second volume. The work was eventually finished by W.F. Howard and N. Turner. He also saw the publication of the first two fascicles of his Vocabulary of the Greek Testament, illustrated from the Papyri and other non-literary Sources (1914-15), which he undertook with G. Milligan (the whole being completed in 1930). His work was especially important for showing the kinship between the Greek of the NT and that of the recently discovered papyri, even if his conclusions were at times overstated. Moulton died from exhaustion after the ship on which he was traveling was torpedoed in the Mediterranean.