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Iona Community

Founded by Scottish minister-baronet George MacLeod in 1938 on the island of Iona,* this imaginative experiment brought together ministers and laymen sharing the fellowship of work and worship. On the wall (where an extensive rebuilding project was planned) and in the abbey they would seek to carry out what they regarded as the task of the church: “to find a new community for men in the world today.” Three obligations are involved in full membership of the Iona Community: ministers and craftsmen are expected to spend some time on the island, particularly during the initial stages of their membership; members accept a threefold rule concerned with prayer, Bible reading, and tithing; and they are expected to attend the monthly meetings on the mainland in winter and the annual regathering on Iona in June. There are thousands of associate members throughout the world. In 1951 the Iona Community was brought under Church of Scotland auspices; a special church committee reports annually to the general assembly on the Community's affairs.