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IMALKUE ĭ măl’ kyŏŏ ĭ (̓Ιμαλκουή, יִמָלְכוּ; KJV SIMALCUE, sĩ’ mal kū’i). An “Arabian who brought up Antiochus, the son of Alexander” (Jos. Antiq. XIII. v. 1). This wording seems to be taken from 1 Maccabees 11:39 by Josephus, though Josephus calls him “Malchus.” One of the commanders of Alexander’s army, who is variously named Diodorous and Trypho, went to Imalkue to tell him of soldiers’ ill will toward Demetrius and urged him to allow Antiochus, Alexander’s son to be proclaimed Antiochus VI. At first, Imalkue opposed this plot to overthrow Demetrius, but being convinced by Trypho’s evidence, the young child Antiochus was crowned (1 Macc 11:54). Antiochus gathered around him “all the men of war, whom Demetrius had put away, and they fought against Demetrius, who turned his back and fled” (11:55 KJV). At the same time Antiochus confirmed the high priesthood of Jonathan and made him one of the king’s friends (11:57).