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I Am Movement

An American organization founded in 1934. Its views include an eclectic assortment of beliefs and practices drawn from Hinduism, Theosophy, Unity, Spiritualism, and the American fascist Silver Shirts, in addition to the special revelations supposedly given to Guy W. Ballard.* I AM teaches that human beings remain subject to continual transmigrations of the soul within history unless they are cleansed perfectly by heavenly light and ascend from this world in full harmony with the eternal I AM Power. I AM is also an intensely patriotic movement which views America as under the special guidance and protection of St. Germain. It is extremely conservative on social and economic issues and sponsors an auxiliary organization called “Minute Men of St. Germain” which crusades against Communism, spy activities, labor unions, and everything believed to threaten the American way of life. Since the federal trials of I AM leaders in 1940-41 on fraud charges, the movement has become secretive. Serious inquirers are enrolled in study groups and cautioned not to disclose information to outsiders. Fully committed members are expected to abstain from certain foods and drinks, tobacco, card playing, and all sexual activities even within marriage in order to purify themselves.