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Hugh James Rose

1795-1838. Pre-Tractarian High Churchman. Born at Little Horstead, Norfolk, and educated at Uckfield and Cambridge, he was ordained priest in 1819, served in several parishes, was professor of divinity at Durham (1833-34) and principal of King's College, London (1836-38). Rose was a NT scholar and a member of the group of early nineteenth-century High Churchmen known as the “Clapton Sect” or “Hackney Phalanx.” In 1824 he traveled in Germany and wrote a book exposing the dangerous trends of German radical criticism, for which he was, surprisingly, criticized by Pusey. In 1832 he founded the British Magazine, in which Newman's and Keble's “Lyra Apostolica” were first published. A meeting at Rose's Hadleigh Rectory in 1833 is rightly said to mark the beginning of the Tractarian* Movement. Though critical of some of the latter's tendencies, he managed to hold the Oxford and Clapton schools together until his death.