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Hubert Walter

d.1205. Archbishop of Canterbury from 1193. He faithfully served three kings, was essentially a royal administrator, and was rewarded for his services by promotion in the church. He was successively dean of York, bishop of Salisbury from 1189, and then primate. He was also papal legate from 1195. He studied law at Bologna and had been a member of the famous Angevin lawyer Glanvill's household. He played a major role in collecting Richard I's ransom money, and was Richard's justiciar from 1193 until 1198. The newly ransomed Richard waged war in France from 1194 and never returned to England, so Walter as justiciar was in virtual charge of the kingdom. His achievements as justiciar were many. He systematized the organization and recording of judicial and legal matters and insisted on a more thorough enforcement of law and order. After Richard's death in 1199, Walter helped to rally support for King John. As the latter's chancellor from 1199 he gained equally high praise for his reorganization of chancery practice and the systematic recording of its transactions.